Installation of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit at  the Almalyk Mining and Metal Works (Uzbekistan)

Red Mountain Energy is in the process of installing a cryogenic air separation unit at  the Almalyk Mining and Metal Works in Uzbekistan.

Our specialists have completed the project documentation and are satisfied that the equipment meets the design specification. All equipment has been delivered including an Atlas Copco turbo-compressor with a Hyundai electric motor, a unit for the preliminary cooling of air, an air purification unit and a cryogenic tank with a capacity of 20 m3.  The installation of all delivered equipment is in progress.

At the present time, the Almalyk Mining and Metal Works has been implementing an extensive modernization program costing in the region of US $670 million, with a view to updating existing production equipment and developing new mineral deposits.

The new equipment will deliver an additional 15,000 m3 of oxygen for the copper plant. Also there will be additional oxygen for various metallurgical processes such as flame machining.

The Almalyk Mining and Metal Works consists of 8 mining plants, 5 ore enrichment plants, 2 metallurgical plants, sulfuric acid production units, a utility repair center, and quicklime facilities. The company produces pure copper, pure zinc, lead concentrate and other products, with a total value of US $300 million. 


ASU for a caustic soda production facility

Red Mountain Energy has supplied an air separation unit (ASU) for the Bashkir Soda Company (Sterlitamak, Russia).

The new ASU produces high-purity technical gases: up to 7,000 m3/h of O2 and up to 20,000 m3/h of N2. It has been integrated into the existing plant.

The new ASU is more energy- efficient than the existing ASU and consumes 30% less energy, meeting not only the company's in-house needs but also supplying neighboring businesses such as Sintez Kauchuk, Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat.

 Supplied equipment  includes:

  • air separation unit;
  • 3800 kW main turbine-driven air compressor;
  • 1700 kW turbine-driven booster air compressor;
  • 1100 kW turbine-driven booster nitrogen compressor;
  • 650 kW turbine-driven booster nitrogen compressor;
  • circulation water treatment system;
  • air pre-cooler;
  • air cleaning and drying plant;
  • liquid products  storage and gasification system.

Experts from Red Mountain Energy have  completed the engineering and  design of the ASU, selected the equipment, supervised both manufacturing and the factory acceptance test (FAT). In addition, the company has completed the design documentation and arranged for the delivery of the equipment. Red Mountain Energy has also trained the client’s personnel in the operation of the equipment.

The Bashkir Soda Company is a major producer of chemical products based on chlorine and hydrocarbons. It  produces 14% of Russian caustic soda, 32% of suspension PVC , 17% of PVC cable plastics and is   the only producer in Russia of terephthaloyl chloride anodes with Ru-Ir coating and cationic polyelectrolyte flocculants.


Red Mountain Energy participated in 21 World Petroleum Congress

Red Mountain Energy with Premium Engineering took part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress held in Moscow from June 16th-19th and widely perceived as the “Olympics of the oil and gas industry”. The theme of the Congress which is held every 3 years was “Responsibility Energizing a Growing World”.

In spite of the uneasy political situation, the Congress was very well attended with over 5000 delegates taking part, including Energy Ministers and CEOs and heads of organizations from more than 80 countries. Oil giants such as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Petrobras, Rosneft, Statoil, Total, Gazprom, and many others showcased their projects from impressive stands covering an exhibition space of 55,000 square meters.

Red Mountain Energy and Premium Engineering showcased their current projects throughout Russia and the CIS on gas treatment and processing, compression, air separation, power, refinery and in the petrochemical industry. Both companies are very well established in the energy sector, with 15 years experience and an excellent track record, having completed over 500 projects.

Red Mountain Energy Chairman of the Board, Denis Smyslov said, “We were delighted to see so many oil and gas companies at the Congress looking for local (ie. Russian) EPC companies. That is exactly what we are. From our point of view this has been a very successful Congress.”

Igor Sechin, President and Chairman of Rosneft, saw the growing demand for energy against a lack of availability of hydrocarbon resources as the main challenge for the oil industry. He also commented on the unreasonably high per capital consumption of energy in the United States, and raised the question of sanctions, arguing that energy should not be subject to sanctions.

Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of Gazprom, told the Congress that Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas producer and exporter, was eyeing Asia’s growing LNG market and hoped to become one of key LNG suppliers in the region.

ExxonMobil Chairman, President and CEO, Rex Tillerson took part in a discussion on “Energy Sector Growth Strategy in the Developing World”. He told participants of the Congress that given the current rate of the world’s population growth, by 2040 there would be a 30% increase in the demand for energy. In order to meet his challenge the energy sector needed to focus on 3 areas: deepwater production, unconventional resources, and development of the Arctic.

The National Iranian Oil Company introduced 41 projects, valued at $100 billion, to foreign investors at the Congress. These projects entail the development of oil and gas fields, the establishment of natural gas liquid (NGL) plants, and the collection of associated petroleum gas at oilfields.

For the first time Cuba was represented. Rafael Tenreyro Pérez, Head of Cuba Petróleo’s (Cupet) Exploration Group emphasized that Cuba was promoting its sea and land oil prospects and assessing potential opportunities for foreign investment in Cuba’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 2017 World Petroleum Congress will take place in Istanbul. 

Patent awarded for new HOUP technology

Red Mountain Energy is delighted to congratulate its strategic partner, Premium Engineering, on securing a patent for an original heavy oil upgrading process (HOUP). The inventor of this new technology is the Chief Engineer of Premium Engineering, Albert Soultanov.

            “We have been waiting to get this patent for over two years,” he explains. “It is very difficult to come up with a new idea for heavy oil upgrading. But that is what we did, and on this basis we have been awarded the patent.”

            This new HOUP process is specifically designed for oilfield conditions but could be introduced to a refinery as well. Equipment is simple and robust. The process does not require refinery conditions such as a hydrogen facility or catalyst handling. It has synergy with non-traditional oil production technologies, including steam aided gravity drainage (SAGD) and can process crude oil at oilfield facilities. HOUP is also a good alternative to diluents for the transportation of highly viscous oil via the pipeline.


Red Mountain Energy together with Premium Engineering will take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress

Red Mountain Energy together with Premium Engineering will take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress to be held from June 15-19 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow.

Six thousand delegated from ninety countries are expected to take part in the Congress. This event is seen as the most important event in the Petroleum Industry calendar in Russia. The technical program of the 21st World Petroleum Congress will include panel discussions with heads international petroleum corporations, and there will also be technical forums.

The World Oil Show will be held simultaneously in the showcasing grounds (55,000 square meters of floor space)  in  the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center, Moscow. Throughout the congress Premium Engineering’s decision-makers and technical specialists will be at the Premium stand where clients and visitors can hold meetings and discuss possible joint projects.

If you wish to arrange a meeting in advance, then please send us an email with the name of the topic you wish to discuss to:

            We look forward to seeing you at our stand. 

  • Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre
  • Pavilion 13

  • Stand C11 


New production facilities for supplier of industrial gases, Kryoservice, Voronezh, Russia

Red Mountain Energy, jointly with Premium Engineering has installed an air separation unit (ASU) at the Kryoservice industrial gas plant in Voronezh. Kryoservice is a producer and supplier of industrial gases in Central Russia.

Work set out in the contract included the procurement of imported equipment: an ASU with a capacity of 2100 g/hr of liquid oxygen (2000 kg/hr of liquid nitrogen), centrifugal pumps, a recycling water system with cooling towers.

Specialists from Red Mountain Energy designed all aspects of the project, prepared all documentation and were part of the supervising process at the manufacturer’s, where they monitored performance and quality. The final stage of quality control involved pre-commissioning testing at the Kryoservice facility with help from the manufacturer’s technical specialists.

With regard to the selection of equipment, the following requirements from the Client were taken into consideration: cost effectiveness, reliability, high level of automation, compactness, simplicity of operation. The equipment which has been chosen for this project will ensure the highest standard of operating efficiency; it also provides different operational modes and adjustability for the convenience of the Client.

Red Mountain Energy and Premium Engineering take part in Cryogen-Expo 2013 Exhibition

Red Mountain Cryogen ExpoRed Mountain Energy, together with Premium Engineering, is taking part in the 12th Moscow International Cryogen-Expo 2013 Exhibition is held on November 27-29 at the Expocenter, Moscow.

Cryogen-Expo is the only international cryogenic industrial exhibition in Russia which offers a business forum for the exchange of technical and scientific information.

Our specialist engineers will be on hand to share our engineering expertise and advise with visitors seeking optimal solutions using the state-of-the art equipment.

  • cryogenic plants;
  • adsorption plants;
  • membrane plants;
  • cryogenic tanks.

We hope to welcome you at our stand A03, Pavilion 5, Hall 1, Expocenter.


Our ASP will increase steel production in Uzbekistan

Red Mountain Energy has completed start-up and commissioning of an air separation plant (ASP) to supply oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to the OJSC Uzmetkombinat, the giant Uzbek metallurgical plant.

This new and reliable source of high purity industrial gasses is expected to increase steel production, and reduce overall costs.

The plant’s unique feature is its ability to operate two modes of work, an internal compression operating mode yielding up to 10,000 nm3/h of oxygen, and an external compression operating mode yielding up to 6,000 nm3/h of oxygen. Both operating modes are used to produces pure argon by low-temperature rectification.

Red Mountain Energy specialists have carried out engineering, equipment selection, the development of detailed design package, equipment supply management, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up, and Red Mountain Energy experts have also trained operating personnel.

The ASP delivery package includes:

  • 1 air separation unit
  • 4 main compressors
  • 1 booster compressor
  • recycling water system with cooling towers and pumps
  • liquid products storage and gasification system

Uzmetkombinat went on stream in 1956 and produces over 90% of all ferrous metals in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The first priority has been to increase the rolled steel output and to enhance its quality. To this end Red Mountain Energy was chosen as a company with extensive experience in the construction of air separation machinery.

We look forward to a long-term partnership with Uzmetkombinat!

End of Moscow’s 12th International Oil & Gas Exhibition (MIOGE 2013)

MIOGE, the Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition attracted over 1,000 oil and gas companies and about 30,000 visitors, including specialists and participants. 

Red Mountain Energy and Premium Engineering together presented their achievements and products – completed projects, new processes and developments. Also we offered our services for EPC/EPCM projects of any complexity. 

Our stand was visited by representatives of more than 100 companies. Our specialists also took part in the 11th Russian Petroleum & Gas Congress (RPGC 2013) where oil and gas development trends and the state-of-the-art technologies were under discussion among the leading oil and gas companies and associations from Russia, Europe and the United States. 

We thank all our visitors and partners for coming to support us at MIOGE!